A PSD file or an Adobe Photoshop image which has been created and saved in the PSD (Photoshop) format is basically the origin of a website, and sometimes a complex thing to deal with. A web designer gives birth to this origin of a website by layering the design and saving it in PSD formats. Afterward a webmaster jiggles around with each and every part of the design by slicing and chopping it, in order to mould a fascinating site on the web. Nevertheless, this is not the destination of a PSD file. Subsequently, the slices of the design should be commanded so as to make them appear on the web. The major commander that does this is ‘HTML’ (Hypertext Markup Language), which is the heart and soul of web.

Hmm….Sound’s interesting. What about translating your most desired static image to a dynamic website? Who would not like to make this a reality in easy money making? As the next step you may also be fortunate to see that the internet abounds with coders and developers who support in achieving your targets, which means converting your PSD to HTML/CSS. However, you have to take for granted there’s only few of them who could make your dream come true, which simply means there’s only a hand full of proficient coders are available in the market. Therefore, why don’t you try to bring out your inspiration to realism by you yourself? All what you need is to be curious of what you are doing so as to accumulate more knowledge in the subject. This would be advantageous for you to scrutinize your site and pin point the bugs in it, in case you have obtained any free service of PSD to HTML conversion or you are not satisfied with your conversion.

To begin with, you need to have Adobe Photoshop software with you, as it is the most convenient way to design you site. Sometimes it might be a little difficult for you to be conversant with the software, but nothing but trying. May be a couple of very good tutorials will help you in reaching your goal.

You must save your PSD files in layers. You can open these files in Photoshop or compatible software. Now slice the images and change them around according to the theme of the site which is going to be designed in HTML. Now you are ready to save the slices as bitmap, JPEG or any other compatible format that can optimize your web site. The other interesting part arrives next. It is to code your images into HTML/CSS. Basically this is what we call as the conversion process of PSD to HTML/CSS.

If you can grab this knowledge easily with a little bit of practice, no sooner you  will be ready to enter the gateway of success as a great HTML coder. Never let yourself down. In some situations you may need the service of some designers and coders which you can get by googling. Once you find the perfect match, all you need to do is to send your PSD template in a “.zip” format and let them do the needful.

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